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    Apply for Trial Moderator today!

    Post  DJ-Naval2 on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:35 am

    Welcome NGCers!
    As you all know, I am Naval2 the Radio & DJ Manager/Director! Me and Bobba are hosting a Application for about 2 Moderators for the Forum! Go to : to apply and get further information. Please do not bug staff for the Position as it will lessen your chances. Anyone caught lieing will be punished! Please, Be as-fair as possible. All Applications ARE Final. If you would like more information, either contact the user at the bottom of the page!

    Contact Naval2 for more Information
    Aditional Information at :

    Applications close on Dec. 8 12:00Noon EST Time, 11:00AM Singapore!

    Good luck to all, NGC Managment

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